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Once you have a website, you can bring some revenues to your site by advertising.

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There are 3 main types of advertising plans: pay per thousand impressions (PPM), pay per click (PPC) and pay per action (PPA)

They are pretty self-explanatory. PPM ads pay you every time the ads are showed to 1000 visitors, PPC ads pay you every time someone clicks an ad and PPA ads pay you every time someone buys a product after clicking the ad on your site.

And Obviously PPA ads pay you more than PPC ads which pay more than PPM ads.

Many ad networks have PPA & PPC plans, like Linkbucks or Hooqy

The best PPC ads network is Google Adsense. It automatically generates ads on your site based on the content on your site. Every time someone clicks an ad, you get paid. They have a very strict policy, so make sure you do not click on your own ad by accident. Also, don’t ask your friends to click your ads every once in a while. You will get caught! Google is very smart and will ban your account permanently.

Amazon offers pretty good PPA ads. Every time someone makes a purchase on Amazon after clicking the ad on your site, you can earn up to 15% of the sale.
You can join Amazon Associates Program here.

You can also offer advertising spots on your site for a fixed price per month. The only drawback of this is that you need to find your own advertisers.

Whichever advertising plans you decide to use, they all will earn you a substantial income over time. It’s one of the most popular methods of earning money online.

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    I read this post. I like it.It’s very easy way to make money.

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