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Not many people know this, but you can earn and make money online pretty quickly by playing poker. Most people fail at gambling because the major casinos have the odds on their side. By probability, they will always win. However, playing poker is different. Who you are playing against are NOT casino dealers, but real poker players like you. The casino just takes some commissions from the cash pool every game. Here, you are in control of winning, not probability. You will develop the skills to succeed as you play longer in the game.

By poker, I mean Texas-hold’em Poker. Each player are dealt two cards face down at the beginning, only the player themselves can see the cards. The dealer will first deal 3 cards to the table for everyone to see. After people make their bets, another card will be dealt. Finally, after some betting and folding, the last card is dealt. So there are five common cards on the table where everyone can see and take advantage of. You have two cards that belong to you and are only for you to see. The player remains or with the highest hand wins the game and the bet money. You can use the five cards on the table and combine it with the two cards you have to achieve the best hand. To see the poker hand Rankings, Click Here.

If you have already been playing Texas-hold’em poker in casinos or with friends, it is no different from playing online. The only difference would be you can’t tell if the person is bluffing by looking at his face. You will have to determine that through observing his playing style. For beginners, there are usually two types of players: conservative and aggressive. Make sure you pay attention to their playing style and see when they bluff. For example, conservative players only increase bet when they believe they have a good hand. So unless, you also have a good hand, do not bluff with them. If a player keeps folding his hand and only call or bet occasionally, then he is a conservative player. An aggressive player would be one who always increases the bet during the first few rounds. So if you have a good hand, don’t get scared by their bluffs.

The key to earn money with playing poker online is that to find a good poker room. Now days, there are tons of poker rooms around. How do you know which one to choose?

Well, first you need to find a poker room that has a lot of players. Otherwise, you would have no one to play with! Next you will determine which poker site offers the best bonus codes. Many poker sites offer first time deposit bonus, meaning that you will get extra money from your first time deposit. For example, a 100% match bonus means that whatever amount you deposit, you will get an extra amount of cash that you have deposited. Say if you deposit $100, the bonus will then give you an extra $100. Some bonus gives you a specific amount of money despite how much you deposit.

For a list of the Exclusive Bonus Codes for various popular poker sites, Click Here.

Remember do not be too aggressive (all-in every round) and you should be fine!

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