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If you have no experience of earning or making money online, then paid online surveys is a good place to start. I want to stress that doing surveys will NOT make you rich, but will definitely earn you with some extra cash.

Think about it this way. Typical surveys can earn you about 3 dollars. A usual survey panel sends you about 4 surveys per week. So you will earn about $12 per week from one survey panel if you complete all the surveys. If you join 10 survey panels, you will earn about $120 per week. Now what if you join 20, 30 or even a hundred survey panels? You do the math yourself!

So the key is to join as much as survey panels as possible to maximize the earnings. But after some time, you will reach a point that you will receive more surveys than you can handle. That’s probably the time to stop joining new survey panels. So how do you know which survey panels to join? The rule of thumb is that ONLY join free survey panels, meaning that at no point of your membership should you pay any money to get paid. Next is to determine which survey sites pays more and sends more surveys. I have included a list of the Top Paid Free survey panels that I have gathered over the years.

Doing Free Paid Surveys is ideal for beginners because it does not require any special skills and can be started without any investment. Everyone knows how to fill out a survey. Sometimes people complain about that they do not qualify for certain surveys. Well, all I can say is that pay attention when you are doing the pre-survey questionnaires. Those will be used to determine if you qualify for the surveys. The key is to be honest. Then the survey companies will send you more relevant surveys that you will be qualified for.

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