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Everyone knows in order to earn money online with your website, you need traffic! Traffic exchange programs is great for bringing free traffic to your site.

What is traffic exchange? It’s like a trade system between website owners. You earn credits as you surf other people’s websites. In return, you can use the credits earned to bring other people to view your website. Usually you have a timer for each site you view and when the timer finishes, you earn a credit and can start to view the next site. Once you have enough credits, you can apply those credits to your own website or the website you want to promote. These credits diminishes with each visitor coming to your site.

Of course, if you are lazy, you can buy a bunch of credits and just apply them to your website. This is how the traffic exchange programs make money. You didn’t expect that they are just going to provide a free trading platform for nothing, right?

There are many traffic exchange programs out there, but I am only going to show one of them.

1:1 Traffic Exchange

Easyhits4u started in 2003 and have grown to the largest and the #1 ranked traffic exchange program on the internet. Not only you can bring more traffic to your site, Easyhits4U also pays you a little bit of money for every 1000 sites surfed.

Once you signup, submit your own website or the site you want to promote under “my sites”. Easyhits4u will verify the website to make sure there’s no illegal contents on your website and etc. Just go through the verifcation process. Then you can start surfing. You have two options, choose the 1:1 exchange, viewing for 20s option. This is a better choice unless you are really eager to earn the bonuses. In that case, choose the 2:1 exchange.

Once you clicked start surfing, you will start to see other people’s websites. There will be a banner at the top showing the time you’ll have to wait before seeing the next site. There is also an anti-cheat program, so you will have to click the word matching the word in the image. At the bottom of the Anti-cheat image, you will see the number of sites remaining before you can get your bonus. Once you reach that bonus page, just click claim prize to get the prize. The prize gets better as you surf more pages. Once you receive enough credits, you can then assign those credits to your site.

You can Sign up Easyhits4u Here.

Note: If you have google adsense running on your site, don’t join traffic exchange programs. It’s against the adsense policy.

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  1. A.G.Komol November 8, 2010 10:14 am

    Easy Hits 4 u is effective one. Thanx

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